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Sustainable Energy Efficient Buildings

  • Rating Software Framework for Green buildings
  • Working with India’s well known brand for Sustainable Energy Efficient Buildings Solution.
  • Impacts of aspects such as energy consumption, waste generation, renewable energy Adoption
  • Applicable for owners of projects such as bungalows and small offices.
  • Impact evaluation calculator based on the strategies applied
  • Selecting appropriate design strategies for projects, based on the site and climatic conditions.
  • Perform qualitative and/or quantitative impact assessment of their projects

IVR Solution

  • IVR solution development with Twilio and Telnyx
  • Backend Solution development in serverless environment with AWS, nodejs, lambda, APIGW, Cloudwatch, Jenkins pipeline etc.
  • Mobile App development Android and iOS
  • Testing and Integration Services
  • Secure Cloud solution for team
  • CI/CD pipelines with Jenkins for auto-monitoring
  • Guidance for initial solution development & hosting

Music App

  • Hosting Services on Cloud infrastructure (AWS) for Auto scaling, load balancing, monitoring,
  • Supporting iOS app for feature enhancement/bug-fixing & maintenance work
  • Android App development/maintenance
  • Server side feature enhancement/bug-fixing, maintenance & testing
  • Guidance for initial solution development & hosting

Auto Service Industry Solution

  • Start up building a SAAS solution for ERP/CRM for Automotive Service Industry
  • Providing Engineering consulting services to the company
  • Took over of the complete end to end software from the outgoing members
  • Built the team to own the engineering solution
  • AWS infrastructure for hosting the backend solution
  • MongoDB Atlas for hosting DB
  • Mean stack (NodeJs for backend) and Angular for frontend


  • Home Water Management Solution
  • Device – firmware development
  • Features include: Start/Stop of Electric Appliance (Motor)
  • Sensors to detect environmental conditions
  • Decisions to Start/Stop based on sensor inputs
  • Timed Start/Stop
  • Timing Profile to Start/Stop
  • Mobile App – Android – Monitoring and control
  • Backend: AWS deployed server for collecting events/stats

IoT GW and Cloud Integration

  • US based startup building a solution for IoT network with LoRA based IoT Gateway and cloud solution
  • Looking for technical expertise for communication protocol to integrate their IoT GW with the cloud solution
  • IoT GW provisioning with LoRA protocol stack
  • Cloud solution integration

Pen Testing & Certification

  • The scope of the penetration testing engagement included:
  • Assessment of website
  • Identification of vulnerabilities and potential security threats.
  • Verification of the effectiveness of existing security measures.
  • Recommendations for improving the website’s security posture.