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Staffing Overview

It is a truth that human resource is one of the most valuable assets for every organization. This is because in any organization all other resources like- money, material, machine etc. Can be utilized effectively and efficiently by human resource efforts.

Therefore it is very important that each and every person should get the right position in the organization so as to get the right job, according to their ability, talent, aptitude, and specializations so that it will help the organization achieve the pre-set goals in the proper way by 100% manpower contribution.

Staffing Services

Providing professional staffing services in IT (UI/UX, Quality Engineering, Java, Cloud, and PM).

We offer the following types of staffing services depending upon the client’s needs

Contract IT Staffing

Direct IT Staffing

Our clients define the project, scope of work, timelines, deliverables and special requirements. Our team of IT professionals delivers results.

This ‘Try before you buy’ approach allows companies to engage IT talents on a contract basis before deciding whether to hire them as a direct employee.

Our clients rely on our contract staffing services to add critical IT talent to their teams for short, medium and long term requirements.

We specialize in finding the right technical talent for our clients without requiring them to sign any contract agreements

Statement of Work(SoW)

Contract to Hire Staffing